Accions Educational Trust

The Accions Educational Trust with board members comprising of well experienced professionals, educationists and industrialists aim to promote excellence in education. The management takes responsibility to ensure that the quality of education provided meets international standards. Board members have been desirous of constituting and forming a Trust with the main objective of promoting education, to carry out training programs and other job oriented allied activities. In the field of education, the Trust wishes to establish schools, colleges, industrial training centers and allied education institutions to spread education and learning in all branches. It is also interested in establishing cultural and social institutions. The Trust intends to undertake education and training of masses either of its own or in co-operation with similar agencies / institutes working for the cause of all round development of society. For the promotion of the goals of the trust, it also intends to publish and sell books, periodicals, leaflets, brochures and papers. To maintain libraries or reading rooms for the intellectual development of the masses.

The trust further decided to support maritime and logistics industry by providing educational opportunity in maritime, oil &gas industry, logistics and supply chain through an institute started for the support of the mass. Using the enormous experience of board members in Engineering, Science, Defense and Teaching background, Accions School of Maritime and Logistics decided to promote maritime oriented training as a career. The trust has plans to encourage more such under publicized and under- rated but lucrative professions in the years to come.